Nguyen Hong Thang

Mrs Nguyen Hong Thang lives in the Cu Yen commune, Luong Son district in Hoa Binh province with her husband and two sons. In 2009, she took out a loan of VND 1 million from MFCDI in which she used the funds to raise pigs and hens. In addition, her husband worked as a construction worker to help raise money for their family.

This initial loan helped Mrs Nguyen Hong Thang reduce the financial burden to her family. After one year, she applied for a second loan of VND 3 million in which, combined with her husband’s income, she was able to raise cows and pigs.

Gradually, Mrs Nguyen Hong Thang was able to develop a credit history within MFCDI and had a suitable model for breeding and producing livestock so that she could provide for her family’s needs. Also, Mrs Nguyen Hong Thang also regularly participates in MFCDI’s business development and social development services. After receiving another loan, Mrs Nguyen Hong Thang was able to reconstruct her barns amongst other breeding development projects. Now, after 4 years of borrowing, Mrs Nguyen Hong Thang has a sustainable income so that she can support her family and their standard of living has improved – her two sons are now mature and have stable jobs.

Mrs Nguyen Hong Thang is now a group leader in her village as part of MFCDI’s microloan program in which she is a role model and helps her group members to make their loan repayments on time. She is respected by members in her community, and in 2010, she was nominated to be in the Commune Executive Committee and is in charge of health care, population and family planning in her village.

Currently, asides from running her own business, Mrs Nguyen Hong Thang is also the head of the production and Women’s Union activities in Cu Yen commune, Hoa Binh province, and is continuing to be a leading example for those in her community.

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