Dao Thi Thu

Nghia Ninh is a regional and remote area far from the center of almost 30 kilometres. In this area, harsh natural conditions and rocky soils lead to difficulties in economic development. However, in this area, there are many examples of women overcoming these difficulties and establish their own businesses. Mrs. Dao Thi Thu is one of them.

Like many other families in the Nghia Ninh commune, Mrs. Thu relied on agriculture as the main source of income. Despite working hard in the plows each year, she was only able to purchase the basic necessities and pay for her children’s education. Disaster struck in early 2007, when Mrs. Tu’s youngest child had a major accident that placed significant financial burden on her family.

In late 2007, Mrs. Thu and her husband decided to borrow 2 million VND from MFCDI under the following conditions: the principal was paid every 6 months and interest paid per month. Mrs. Thu benefited significantly from the enterprise training provided by the MFCDI staff. She was able to effectively use her capital to begin a Vietnamese pancake business.

Within one year, Mrs. Thu and her family were able to earn over 4 million VND. Mrs. Thu then borrowed a second loan of 5 million VND, which she used to purchase goods from local farmers and resell as groceries in various convenient locations. Mrs. Thu has evidently grown her family business and is producing a stable source of income. She intends to take out a third loan of 10 million VND to purchase a milling machine to ensure the long-term sustainability of her business.

However, not only is Mrs. Thu a good businesswoman, she is also an active member of the local women union and readily assists others in her village. 

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