Nguyen Thi Sinh

"The sooner the MFCDI assisted us the better our life was”- are the sincere words of Mrs Nguyen Thi Sinh - member in the Tan Lac commune, Hoa Binh province.

For many years, Mrs Nguyen Thi Sinh and her family had poor living conditions. Her house did not have a roof and her husband did not have a stable job.

In 2009, Mrs Nguyen Thi Sinh was introduced to MFCDI’s microloans and she immediately expressed her interest in joining a group to receive a loan. She managed to find a group that sympathised with her situation and joined shortly after.

Mrs Nguyen Thi Sinh borrowed a loan of 1 million VND and used this to invest in capital for her small business selling incense. Her earnings were spent on her everyday expenses with additional savings for her monthly loan repayments. Despite working very hard, Mrs Nguyen Thi Sinh felt so much happier knowing that she was helping her family through her supplementary income from the business.

By always making loan payments on time, Mrs Nguyen Thi Sinh had built up a sound credit history with MFCDI and was allowed to take out another loan from them. She invested the funds from the loan for purchasing materials to make incense for her business. Mrs Nguyen Thi Sinh was empowered to provide the best for her family and her husband realised this too. He worked together with his wife to make the incense for the business and they were able to generate a steady income for their family.

After 3 years of hard work, in 2011, Mrs Nguyen Thi Sinh’s family was able to save some money to renew their accommodation and to build a roof for their house. Although their house isn’t large, their family will now be protected from the sun and the rain.

With a steady income and a good shelter, Mrs Nguyen Thi Sinh and her family are much happier and she has many plans for her family in the future.

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