Hoang Thi Le

Mrs. Hoang Thi Le is 36 years old. She and her husband have two sons who are aged eight and three. In her village, she is subject to a particularly difficult circumstance.

In December 2009, Mrs. Le and several other women in the village jointly established a voluntary savings credit group, which consisted of twenty female members. In May 2010, Mrs. Le’s case was reviewed and she was approved to get loans from MFCDI. With the loan amount of only 1 million VND, Mrs. Le invested in livestock and feed.

"When I wondered around the market fair, I really liked a black sow - the sow looked healthy with a big butt, a short muzzle and balanced breasts. When I asked the pig owners the price, they wanted exactly 600 000 VND. With my experiences, I was thinking that this pig must be a very “good mother”! Although, the price was high, I tried to buy it at any costs. I then invested most of the loan to buy that sow”. With the remainder of the loan, she bought some chickens.

Mrs. Le fed her pigs three times per day. She would bring rice and corn to the neighbor to grind into bran, which she would then cook with bananas. The pigs were also given sweet potato leaves from the garden and climbing flowers from the field. Besides working on the farm, her husband helped her to raise the pigs and chickens. However, their children were too young to help out.

A year after, the sow didn’t disappoint her. Two litters were born and each litter had nearly 10 piglets. “The savings credit team members visited and really liked my pigs, some bought one, and some even bought two. There were a few left. I will bring these to the market fair for sale as well as visit the market for fun”. She also sold some of the chicken. The total amount Mrs. Le earned from selling the two sets of piglets was 3 million VND, while the chickens earned 500 000 VND.

Mrs. Le was able to pay the entire loan amount of 1 million VND and interest. With the interest rate of 0.8% per month, she only made a payment of 8 000 VND for interest per month. In other words, Mrs. Le paid a total of 96 000 VND in interest for the year.

With the profits she was able to keep, Mrs. Le purchased two hybrid pigs (white pigs) for 1.4 million VND, corn to feed the pigs and more chickens and wild geese to raise.

In 2011, Mrs. Le’s sow had already given birth to another litter of piglets—the white pigs weighed about 70 kilograms each. She planed to sell them for 4 million VND in the next coming February. In addition, she also raised thirty chicks and ten wild goslings, which are worth around 1 million VND.

"Thanks to MFCDI support and savings credit members’ help, my family can be like it is today. My dream is to sell our pigs and to rebuild our house with concrete columns so that every time it rains or storms, I will not be worried. I also want to buy some field water for transplanting the rice seedlings.

"I desire the savings credit group can be forever so that rural women could have more capital for the livestock production development, to enrich our village".

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