Ban Thi Mai


We went to visit the Ban Thi Mai family at Ruoc Hamlet,  Suoi Nanh commune. These highlands are particulary difficult to travel and live in in Da Bac district, Hoa Binh Province.

Mrs. Mai was married in 1985. Her husband suffered from mental illness and could not help her with any housework, so all the worries about ensuring economic life for the whole family fell upon her shoulders. Her family is very poor, and they do not have any valuable material possessions or a large enough home to live in. Their house was built using soil and bamboo, and has a palm leaf roof. She has two children who are of age – her daughter is the oldest, and her son did not attend school or get a job because there was not enough money for the children to continue their education. As a result, both children live at home and depend upon their parents for their income. The family’s main source of income is cultivation and farming, but her family has little land and few fields to plow: it is not enough to sustain them. Her family has to eat cassava and maize in order to live. She also must do extra work such as hiring and managing employees in order to save money to take care of her children and husband, with an income of  20 000 to 50 000 vnd. With little money, she worries about the daily costs for the whole family, as savings are typically used to buy medicine for her husband and children when they are sick. Due to how hard she works on a daily basis her health is not a guarantee; she is often ill and has difficulty maintaining a high enough body weight.  In 2012, even more misfortune came to her family: the roof of their house blew away during a storm. Due to a lack of money to buy materials, the entire family had to live in that same house without a roof. Not only this, but her son was later in a car accident and suffered a brain injury, requiring long-term hospital care. Though the family had faced difficulties before, they were now facing even worse circumstances. When we arrived, she said with tears, “I don’t know how to manage to pay for treatment for my son, medication for my husband, and I am worried about fixing the roof  if there is going to be another storm.”

Her family is currently facing great difficulty. Therefore, she hopes to receive help from the community and donors so that her family can overcome these difficulties and misfortunes.

Hoa Binh Area

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