Pham Thi Nhai

A poor family calling for help

Mrs Pham Thi Nhai, a member of the MFCDI Fund and her husband Mr Dao Van Thuan live in hamlet 3, Nghia Ninh commune, Dong Hoi District, Quang Binh province. Mr Thuan is often ill due to the effects that a landmine had upon his legs during the war, and has also been constantly suffering from arthropathy and stomachaches. Although the family is very poor, the parents have always tried to support their children’s education with the hope that their children will be able to have a better life. In thorough understanding of their parents’s wishes, all four of the children are obedient and study well, and two have passed the entrance exam for university.

During May Day in 2011, Mrs Nhai and her second son went to work in another district to get more money to cover school fees. On their way home, they were involved in a traffic accident. As a consequence, Mrs. Nhai’s neck and her son’s patelliform were broken. In order to afford treatment and medication, Mr. Thuan had to borrow money from relatives and get increased support from neighbours. In total, the accident left him VND 100 million in debt. At the moment, Mrs. Nhai and her son are in better condition but have not completely recovered yet. Her son is currently having further treatment, but doctors say he needs at least one year to make a full recovery.  It would be the best if Mrs. Nhai could return to hospital as well, but to save money she chose to instead receive part-time treatment and stay at home.

Feeling happy that his wife and son have overcome this obstacle, Mr. Thuan always encourages his family that “life is the best treasure”. Although the family is becoming poorer, he is trying to maintain a stable income.

We visited their family one day, and what really made us think is that their childrens’ dreams of going to school cannot come true with so many challenges in the family. The third child in the family has put aside his schooling for the moment, and instead works to be able to afford medication for the rest of the family. The youngest daughter will graduate from High school in one year, but it is hard for her dream of attending university to come true.

To help this family overcome these challenges and have a stable life, and to support the chances of continued schooling for their children, we really call for the contributions and sympathy of organizations and individuals. 

Quang Binh Area

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