Ta Thi Loan

I have to try more so that my children do not have to quit school

 As the youngest daughter in a family with 4 children in Thanh Ha, Nam Son commune, Ha Noi, Ta Thi Loan was a smart woman by nature. She had a happy family with a kind husband and 4 lovely children. Her life was well set up to be stable with her job as a farmer and her husband as worker.

However, her life completely changed after five year old Nguyen Thi Hang, her youngest daughter, suffered from a fever and developed syncionus symptom. After bringing her to the hospital, Mrs Loan was shocked to learn that her child was suffering from meningitis. Previously, Hang was a healthy and smart little girl, but now she could not speak, her nerve system was deeply affected, and she is no longer aware of what she is doing.

With such a disease, she could not go to school. Sometimes, when they could not find anyone to look after her, they had to let the child stay home alone. "I really feel sorry for our little child, but we don't know what to do" she said. Despite the fact that money is still a problem for the family, Mrs. Loan and her husband are still trying to bring their child to the hospital with the hope that she will one day overcome the disease. These medical expenses have now reached hundreds of millions of VND. Their house, which has been in poor condition for a long time, could not be upgraded because their savings and loans from relatives have been used in attempts to cure their daughter. Hang's health is now not stable.

In addition to this difficulty, the family also suffered an unlucky even while taking their children to school. An accident caused Mrs. Loan to break her leg, and after only one month of treatment in the hospital she returned home to be cared for by relatives. After the accident Mr Tuan, her husband, had to work as the family’s sole provider to cover their expenses and take care of their children. He had to try to earn enough money for medication for his wife and daughter, as well as school fees for his children. Every day he works for other people as contruction worker with a wage of 1,500,000 VND per month. 

These consecutive accidents in a short period of time have made their life become much more difficult. All of their hopes now depend on the contruction work of Mr Tuan. Although their family is facing difficulty, Mr. Tuan is still willing to support his daughter's schooling. "Our family will try to support her to finish university, and thus we have to try many more times," he said.

We visited her family and gave her a small gift. We hope that she and her daughter will soon recover so that her daughter can continue going to school and she can return to her regular daily life. We also hope for her to once again be a person for her husband and child to lean against and to help them get over their hardships.

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