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Her husband and her daughter both suffer from mental disorder. Mrs. Hien herself has an arm with myasthenia, which makes daily works become extremely hard for her. Her family's life gets more penurious when her oldest son, the only bread-winner for her entire family, unfortunately died ina labor accident not long ago.


The hard situation above is what Mrs Ha Thi Hien , aged 39, endures. She is a poor farmer living in Village Lo 1, Lung Van commune, Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province. 

We paid a visit to Mrs. Hien's family on a chilly winter day. When we arrived, she had yet

to come back home form her oldest son's grave. We only met her youngest daughter,whose metal health was serious disorderd. She was senselessly sitting by the window of the old shabby stilt house. Seeing us, the strangers standing downstairs, all she did was scream and laugh inanely. A moment later, Mrs. Hien came back home and invited us for a homely drink. That was when we were  able to take a thorough look over the whole house, as well as understand more about the life of this miserable woman. 

Mrs. Hien got married to Mr. Bui Van Buc (born in 1975 ) nearly 20 years ago with tremendously poor living conditions in this remote, mountainous and impoverished commune. The couple did think and believe that their life would be better when Mrs. Hien gave birth to their two children, Bui Van Hoa ( born in 1999 ) and Bui Thi Hien ( born in 2002 ). However, their destiny started to give them tough challenges over their living journey. Bui Thi Hien was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy on the very first days of her presence in the world. Now she is 13 already, but owing to mental disorder, her behavior is not much different from a child's. She spends most of the time screaming, mumbling meaningless sentences. It's even impossible for her to take hygienic care of herself. 

Mrs. Ha Thi Hien and her mentally disordered daughter

Mrs. Hien and her husband tried to overcome their pains. They worked really hard and diligently, hoping that on a certain fine day, they would get themselves out of poverty, and their daughter will be completely healthy. A few years ago, they took out a bank loan of 30 millions VND to buy cows and buffaloes in order to improve the family's economy. But a widespread livestock plagne did kill all of their animals, leaving them nothing with their own bare hands. The destiny again gave Mrs.Hien another tough challenge when her husband suddenly became ill. She had to take her husband to so many hospitals and doctors, with the little money she borrowed form her neighbors and relatives. He was finally diagnosed with Schizophrenia Disorder, and currently treated at Central Mental Disorder Hopital I ( Ba Vi, Ha Noi ). She retold her story in tears :" Upon my husband's first days in hospital, our neighbors felt sorry for us and they gave us some rice or money, little by little...but now they don't even earn enough for them, let alone share with us like that. My family's also unable to give financial support any more. Now we rely on state policies as the only sources of financial support." 

With the father treated in hospital, the oldest son was the one that had to tackle everything in the family. At the age of around 14,15, he made his way to Hanoi to earn income by running errands for construction sites. He sent his income to her mother on a monthly basis. At that time, Mrs.Hien applied for a small loan from Microfinance Fund for Community Development Institution to buy fertilizer for her rice and corn crops. Sometime later, she managed to completely repay that loan. She sold corn in exchange of rice for the family's consumption, as well as to repay the principle and the interests for the bank loan. 

Bui Thi Hien - Mrs. Hien's daughter, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy since she was born

Life of the poor mother and her two children see,ed stable back then. They were confident that their loan will be fully returned and their daily needs will be sustained. But once again, the destiny brought another misfortune to this miserable family. About 1 month ago, the collapse of scaffolding where her son worked mercilessly took his life away forever. Mrs. Hien was shocked hearing this bad news. She hurriedly settled all works undone, had her daughter cared by her cousins, and went to Hanoi to take her son's body to the homeland then undertook all cemetery procedures. Until now, more than 1 month has gone by, but Mrs. Hien still couldn't believe the truth that his only son is gone forever. 

Mrs. Hien's life has become more and more difficult since her son died. Previously every year her family could harvest 5 bags of rice, approximately 27 kilograms, which was only enough for consumption in 1-2 months. When rice is used up, she had to go buy rice on credit. The credit will be repaid when corn is grown. Bank interest that Mrs. Hien needs to pay monthly is nearly 200.000 VND. She told us :" Corn can only be grown with the hands of other family's members. Now I am the only one that works, but one of my arms bears myasthenia and most of my time is spent for my disabled daughter. I find it impossible to grow corn and breed any livestock. I live on the very little and irregular allowance that my relatives compassionately give to my family.

Looking around the house without any valuable gadgets, looking at the disabled woman and child, who were wearing thin clothes with so many stitches in this severely cold weather, I asked if she wanted to take her daughter to a national treatment center in Hanoi. Responding to my question, she held her daughter tight and said :" No, I might as well feed her with vegetables and porridge, rather than let her stay away from me and miss her every single day.

I said goodbye to the poor mother and promised to come back another day. On my way back to Hanoi, I was always obsessed by the image of a mother suffering from an arm with myasthenia, trying to cuddle and reassure her screaming daughter, just to get her wet clothes changed. Her future life is currently covered in dark shadows, with no light ever found. Support from sympathetic hearts will be of great value to this miserable family. 

Any support should be sent to the following address: 

Microfinance Fund for Community Development Institution ( MFCDI ) - Microfinance and Community Development Institute ( MACDI ) 

Address : No 15 Alley 22 Lane 324 Thuy Khue Street, Tay Ho district, Ha Noi.

Account : 

+ Account owner : Microfinance and Community Development Institute

+ Account number : 150 620 101 9268 

+ Address : Vietnam Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development - Tay Ho branch , Ha Noi, Viet Nam. 


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