In the morning of January 20th 2016, the Microfinance and Community Development Institute ( MACDI ) organized the wrap-up conference in the meeting hall of People's Committee of Phong Phu commune, Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province . The conference reviewed activities of period I ( 2012-2015 ), as well as discuss the plans for implementation of period II ( 2016 - 2020 ). Among delegation present and giving speeches at the conference was Mrs. Dinh Thi Minh Thai - the Director, along with local authority, the district's women union and the community leaders of each client groups. 


Mrs. Dinh Thi Minh Thai - the Director of Microfinance and Community Development Institute gave a speech in the opening ceremony 

In the opening ceremony, Mrs. Dinh Thi Minh Thai - the Director of Microfinance and Community Development Institute presented a short speech and declared the conference opening. In her speech, Mrs Thai sent a sincere thanks to the enthusiastic support of local authority and residents. Their great help made it possible for MACDI to implement the project of sustainable livelihood for poor women, which leads to a higher level of living conditions for poor farmers living in different communes of Tan Lac district over the past time. In addition, Mrs. Thai also shared her hope for the upcoming future . She hoped local authority and women unions of communes, districts as well as of Hoa Binh province will give more support so that MACDI can expand the project areas , and more and more poor households will get the chances of changing and improving their family life's quality. 

In the period I ( 2012 - 2015 ) , MACDI has implemented the trust loan project by means of guarantees of local authority and women union. The project meets the residental demands of borrowing to develop growing and breeding business, renovate the toilets, install the biogas tanks..over 19 communes. Total number of participants is 5313 people and the currently active member is 1100 clients. To give clients the best support, MACDI offers preferential interest and flexible payment duration depending on crops' time. Moreover, MACDI also cooperates with the North-west Vietnam Safe Agricultural Products And Trading Join Stock company to supplies corn seedlings, fertilizer, young livestock of good quality and preferential price to households, so that they can develop their farming and improve their economy. For each household borrowing, MACDI always consults on the monthly savings of 20.000 VND, which is small but useful, because it can be saved daily and it helps settle the arising matters in the family. Furthermore, that savings create a good saving habit for women to use in unexpected situations. 

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hoa - Operational Manager presented the report wrapping up

period I( 2012 - 2015 ) 

MACDI not only gives loans but also organized training courses to enhance skills for clients. There were 32 training classes with 1656 clients trained about various fields such as gender, business start up , water rice growing skills, manure usage, breeding techniques. Besides that, MACDI also renders training course for leaders, health officers and disabled children 's parents in 3 communes of Lung Van , Phu Vinh and Quyet Chien. With the cooperation with the VSAPAT company, MACDI pledges to support output for farmer's products, introduce them to customers at fairs, business exhibitions, etc..

A representative of client groups talked about positive contributions that MACDI has brought to local residents. 

With its various activities implemented, MACDI has made valuable contributions to the development of local economy, the improvement of life's quality and households' awareness. That helps local women to access profitably to the capital, which lifts up the women's status in families and society. MACDI also gives handicapped children a chance of being treated amd recovered from their disabilities. MACDI plays an important role in reducing environmental pollution and preventing climate change with loan products like biogas installlation or satination toilet construction. 

In 2012, MACDI honorably received the award of enterprise's social responsibilities. In 2014, MACDI was rewarded with NGO medium award. MACDI also wins CMA typical entrepreneur awards for consecutive years. These are the very sources of spiritual motivation for all staff and officers working in MACDI. 

Although there are still many difficulties regarding the restricted capital sources, MACDI is determined to bring a warmer life for local community with the indispensable support of enthusiastic and dedicate staff, as well as local authority. MACDI will also expand this project to new areas and deploy new activities to offer local residents with the best financial and non-financial services, which is believed to make a better life for farmers all over the district. 

In this occasion, on behalf of the Microfinance and Community Development Institute, Mrs. Dinh Thi Minh Thai rewarded certificates and presents to individuals with excellent achievements in supporting the implementation of the project giving sustainable livelihood for poor women living in Tan Lac district. 

In a speech at the conference, Mrs Nguyen Thi Mai Lan - A representative of Tan Lac's women union recognized and highly appreciated the contributions that MACDI made for Tan Lac district in general and all communes specifically. She also hopes that in the next period ( 2016 - 2020 ), MACDI will continue to carry out more significant activities in the region so that the local people can have chances to pass a better life. She also committed that local authority and the district's women union will share their best support towards the sustainable livelihood project implemented for local community. 


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