What we do?

MFCDI is an organization that works for non-profit purposes. We provide a variety of products and services such as quality financial and non- financial services of quality to give the best to our clients.

MFCDI has helped over 6000 clients in many provinces in Viet Nam such as Hoa Binh, Nghe An, Quang Binh and Ha Noi.

The services and products are designed to increase efficiency and profitability, and also enhance client satisfaction. MFCDI promotes the maintenance of relationships with existing clients and the expansion into new areas.


This microfinance program aims to develop and improve risk management and distribution and technology services. MFCDI always does research and development in this area to serve the needs of low-income clients, to reduce costs, and to become a financial feasibility when deployed to the client.

 We have the staff, professional management skills, and experience to manage and develop products and always ensure the best quality of service for clients.

Fianancial products:

-         Credit and savings  Click here

-         Other products:   Use MFCDI’s resources to  successfully design and implement strategies and plans for developing and delivering other products to clients, such as Loan Insurance and Mutual Funds.     

Non- Financial products

-         Social activities, Training and Capacity Building Click here

-         Human Resources- Development of performance management systems, incentive schemes, recruitment processes, and HR policies.

-         Risk Management: Automation of loan evaluation processes for improved credit scoring and risk calculation, design of institutional risk management strategies including risk-mapping, modeling, manuals, and reports.

-         Marketing: Creation of marketing strategies to effectively reach target markets; development of brand strategies and advertising; mapping and design of marketing processes, roles, and responsibilities.

-         Rural Finance - Diversification of loan portfolios and implementation of strategies to expand outreach into rural and underserved areas.

Client Education - Delivery of financial literacy modules to educate clients on managing their personal finances and on using financial services effectively; design of business training modules to educate clients on operating more efficient businesses.

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