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By the motto of serving the poor with suitable products, friendly and convenient quality services, MFCDI always research and design relevant financial products for the poor in terms of loan purposes and repayment capacity.

All the services of MFCDI are provided at weekly/ monthly group meetings. They are places for MFCDI to process loan application forms and collect repayments and savings. Groups are also places for MFCDI members to exchange experience and information about production and business and for MFCDI staff and external experts to disseminate and train knowledge on family, gender and other issues. Besides, social activities are carried out there



a. Loans
In principle, loans are designated to disburse without collateral, avoid  repayment burdens on clients, make sure that clients can practice skills  in managing and using loans for income generating activities and  ensure that MFCDI can cover its reasonable  expense.MFCDI’s loans are disbursed by revolving and the cash flows of borrowers with increasing loan amounts ( the minimum  loan amount is VND  1 million). Tenors range from 3 months to 36 months depending on location and specific object, the revolving fund designes Principal and interest appropriately. Besides, MFCDI offers multi- purpose loans (emergency loans) with smaller amounts and shorter terms, which can be used for consumption  and other purposes as:death, marriage, paying school fees for children ….

Offering loans to clients in person


Purpose of these loans:

-   Livestock loans, economic development

-  Loans to develop clean energy: Biogas, energy-efficient wood stove, kitten gas chemical, solar cookers.

-   Loans emergency (accident, illness…)

-  Loans for the purpose of improving water supply andv sanitary housing

- Loans for the purpose of growth and adaptation to climate change.

b. Savings
   Compulsory savings: To build client’s own asset and educate them the habit of savings, MFCDI requests all clients to deposit compulsory savings of VND from 5.000 to 20.000 per  month. Compulsory savings  can be drawn after the first ending loan cycle .

   Voluntary savings: MFCDI  also encourage customers to voluntary savings with no limit of deposit level.

c. Other products:   Use MFCDI’s resources to  successfully design and implement strategies and plans for developing and delivering other products to clients, such as Loan Insurance and Mutual Funds


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