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  1. Training and upgrading advanced knowledge and skill for members of MFCDI

Training and upgrading advanced knowledge and skills for members of MFCDI are regular duties of MFCDI aiming to implement proposed mission of MFCDI.


- Compulsory training to members before attending activities of MFCDI in order to equip basic knowledge of credit and to make sure that they understand fully and clearly about purpose, meaning and operation mechanism of MFCDI as well as member’s rights and responsibilities.
- Training for group officers: Training context focuses on leadership and management skills at commune. Especially, leaders of groups also are trained about group meeting administration, group management, and group activities organizing.


           - Training to upgrade knowledge of business and management in small enterprises for members having business project, trade work and training about Business Development Service (BDS). According to local women’ assessment, it is really necessary activities,helps members understand how to manage capital and to develop business.


    -   Training, upgrading members’knowledge about gender, environment hygiene, Climate anti-change, Mothers and babies’ health care and pregnant women, training about agriculture. These combined activities are not only for members of MFCDI but also for contribution of senior administrators of villages/communes/districts where MFCDI operates.

2.Organizing community activities

Besides training activities, MFCDI organizes a lot of commune activities in order to improve living conditions of the poor and enrich spirit  living of women. Including all activities as follows:

-   To organize propaganda campaigns for upgrading knowledge of members about role and meaning of environment protection. MFCDI not only stop at theory level, but also collaborate with Luxembourg Embassy in deploying biogas products for people to decrease environment pollution.


-   To organize culture, arts and sports exchange meetings between  members in local operation area of Fund with representatives from Sponsors of project program and Fund Officers. Here is the place for members showing talents such as singing, performing, poetry reading, playing badminton, playing volleyball.


             Activities movement of MFCDI generates reputation to villages, communes in local activities area of Fund. According to ideas from local authorities and multi-level women union, MFCDI’ activities at local area have been contributing to stabilize social security and accelerate people implementing well policies of Communist Party and State such as implementing of State policies, keeping environment hygiene clean, training resource officers for villages, communes.

3. Capacity building for MFCDI staff


For the sake of sustainable and long-term development, MFCDI has been recruiting charge working staff. At the present, MFCDI’s staff  has 14 officers including senior officers with master, bachelor, diploma degree and certificatein Finance and Banking, Economics, Insurance, Social Science… with high quality standards from abroad and in Vietnam. During working time, they always have been providing opportunities to attend training programs in order to develop and upgrade working knowledge. Forms of training are detailed as follows:


-     Training new staff via on the job training. New staff who is assigned to work in the Head office  or at the local area has to attend training course and practice training skill, credit management, society campaign. With this method, MFCDI has good working staffs with advanced knowledge that carry out tasks and notably understand the basis of supporting work to the poor, sub-poor and weak status people in development society.


-    Organizing training courses of knowledge and topic seminar fostering. During operation time, MFCDI always pays attentionto foster, upgrade knowledge for staff. Therefore, annually, MFCDI still organize training courses with the content to fasten work at the local area  such as members convince campaigns, borrowing assessment, communication skill…These training courses help staffs upgrade knowledge and practice competent to work better. Moreover, with issues about capital policy, savings, MFCDI will hold the matic seminars in order to collect ideas of local authorities’ideas and find out the main point of view of MFCDI.


-     Assigning Staff to attend seminars, training course and working field at International and Domestic microfinanceprograms. This work aims to help staffs have opportunities to exchange and learn new knowledge from other organisations in order to apply in the fund’s activities. Content of these training courses and seminars are a variety offorms such as loan administration, business plan programing, supervision andmonitoring, market research, products design, finance management…




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